#1 for Floor Maintenance

Floor maintenance is not just a tagalong. In a society of fine margins, poorly kept floors is not the type of first impression you should create- it would put clients and workers off, give you a bad reputation and increase health risks plus it can result in premature costly repairs or replacements which is ultimately bad for business.

No matter how you cut it, a properly maintained floor will enhance the allure of your property and protect your bank account as well.

Additionally, to get the most of your investment and also qualify for warranty, makers of flooring recommends that you carryout regular and proper floor maintenance regime.

Unfortunately, not every cleaning service in Boston is equipped to deliver quality floor maintenance solutions that will leave your floor sparkling and make you blush for the right reasons.

Except if they are specialists that live and breathe floor maintenance

At CareClean Building Services, our floor maintenance service is in line with the recommendations of major flooring manufacturers. Meaning we use the recommended cleaning agents and employ the right methodologies. And after doing this for years, we’ve sharpened our skill and gone ahead to become the go-to for floor manufacturers and clients that care about outstanding outcomes.

With trove of capabilities including extensive knowledge of floor sealants, floor treatments, and floor aftercare, we’ve built a solid reputation as your one-stop-shop for floor maintenance needs not limited to: carpet, tiles, wooden, vinyl, linoleum, granite, marble, rubber, stones, glass floors.

And since we provide flexible and fair prices, we rank #1 in Boston’s for floor maintenance for different range of budgets.

Get in touch for:

  • Regular and routine floor cleaning

  • Deep floor cleaning services

  • Floor polishing and sealing

  • Floor scratches repair

When you work with us, you’ll be in the company of vetted, uniformed, and highly trained and floor maintenance specialists equipped to get it right for you the first time of asking. Our experience and certifications means we know the standard that is expected of us, and we strive to exceed it every time. Contact us now and discover how we can help make your floor last long and look exquisite while at it.